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How does our process
benefit our candidates?

We specialize in your space. 

We are not generalists.  All we do is place revenue generating positions AE's, AM's, SE's, Channel and sales leadership professionals.



We take pride in the opportunities that we represent. 

We are selective about the roles we take on.  The types of companies we work with are typically pre-IPO, under 250M in revenue, under 500 employees and experiencing explosive growth, have a strong leadership team at the helm, a great glass door review and they have a technology that is giving the bigger companies a run for their money.



Our system is based on the quality of the individual opportunity. 

Instead of finding a role and trying to sell it to a candidate, we take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for in your next role and we bring you those opportunities.  This makes for a long term fit. 



We don't waster your time.

Our relationships are with the hiring managers so we have a very good pulse on what they are looking for.  You will be getting a full write-up on the company from its inception, product set and how that has evolved, funding rounds, leadership team, attrition, job description, industry awards we give you every thing we know about the client and the opportunity. 



You get a full prep for every step.

You only get one first interview with that hiring manager, and we work to fully prep our candidates for each stage of the interview process.  


All conversations are confidential.
We put NDA's in place with our clients and candidates.  If we contacted you there is a good chance you are still with your current employer.  We know that confidentiality is crucial and we will never submit your information without your written permission.  


We don't leave you hanging.

We vow to always follow up with you at each stage of the interview process to give you as much feedback as possible so that you can improve on your interviewing skills and prepare for the next step.  You will also be told what to expect next and when.   Either way we promise to get back to you with the results and next steps good or bad.  If it’s not a home run on this one, we will probably have something else for you to look at soon.

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