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What sets us apart from other agencies?

A firm that specializes in your wheelhouse and….

has an enormous talent pool of passive candidates, the ones you’ve been looking for that aren’t on the job boards. Professionalism, integrity, fast results, and a recruiter that won’t waste your time.  

What if we told you all of that could come from one company?

We do custom fit searches; this is a personalized search front to back and based on your specific criteria.  That’s why our slogan is “We take your wish list and make it a reality”.

In a corporate world, our recruiting process is distinctly personal—and prioritizes quality over quantity. Targeted, efficient searches not only save you time, money and effort…they enable you to cultivate long-term organizational strength and positive results.

We are very good at locating, enticing and introducing the right individuals-the first time to get them producing results for you immediately.   

We are a boutique we are not this huge conglomerate where you are one of 15 searches that week.  We are a small firm and only work on 5-7 searches per quarter which means a much more detailed search for your specific needs which saves you time and effort.


We don’t use job boards, we work with passive job seekers not the unemployed.  The right person will rarely be looking when we connect with them.  The candidates we work with are top performers specific to your industry, great at what they do and open to a better opportunity.  They typically don’t have their resume on the boards, not applying to postings and usually don’t even have an updated resume. 


The right fit needs to be identified, approached and sold on your opportunity correctly-that’s where we come in.  Most HR folks are generalists and don’t work on the same wavelength as a senior hunter.  We come from over a decade of software sales and leadership experience and understand what to look for and how to get the right people involved.


We will go through our network as well as your competition, (if requested) to find only those candidates that fit your requirements exactly.


We don’t rely on what the resume says; instead we will take them through a proprietary series of qualifiers to find the right fit.


Instead of finding a few keywords on a profile and selling an opportunity to a candidate, we actually work to disqualify the candidate.  We ask the tough questions and continue to probe to weed out any shortcomings that will inevitably be deal breakers. 


Everything we do is 100% confidential we do not share your open position until we are certain we have a great fit for you.  No sense in broadcasting your open seat to the world.

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